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Yasha 96 - FILIP (Album)

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Album Release

"FILIP" - Sophmore album by Yasha96


Yasha96 releases sophmore album FILIP - 03.11.2023

Yasha’s follow-up album ‘FILIP’ is an exploration of inner dialogue, each song a captured moment of his life between 2021 to 2023. The album incorporates voice memos of Yasha’s friends and family during this period, the most significant of which belonging to Yasha’s close friend Ruth. Reoccurring throughout the album, her dialogues reflect on her life’s experiences, informing the album’s core themes of love, grief, selfdoubt, and acceptance. Together they wrote “Fireflies”, a tribute to Ruth’s late husband, who passed away after a battle with cancer.

The artwork was shot by Rita Baby, featuring all the friends and family from the voice memos, including Ruth and Yasha, pictured centrally.

‘FILIP’ will be released on 3rd November 2023. The album will be performed for a live audience on the 9th of November at Bike Jesus, Prague and the 29th of November at Urban Spree, Berlin

Yasha has been described as a hidden treasure of the Czech alternative music scene. His first album "The Boy Who Came Here From The Dust" was considered one of the best indie pop albums of 2021 by the radio show Reflector. Yasha's music has also been featured on a variety of radio shows and playlists including; the official Spotify playlists New Music Friday CZ/SK, Neon, Indie Scena, Letni Chill, as well as on German and Czech radio stations; Radio Fritz, Couche FM, Express, Radio 1 and Fenne Lily"s "Apathy Hour" podcast.

FILIP artwork

FILIP artwork.png

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