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The Flavians


Photo by: Tobias Humble

Is It Real - 11.06.2021

Dreaming of California from a basement in Kreuzberg, ‘Is It Real’, the penultimate single from the new self-titled EP by The Flavians, is a nostalgic throwback to a past summer's road trip across the open desert. It's a song about falling both in and out of love with a mystical place so alien from your hometown and the bittersweet feeling that sets in when it's time to leave. 


Channelling Laurel Canyon harmonies, jagged piano and a touch of European melancholy, ‘Is It Real’ is inspired by the questions that you are faced with when you spend any amount of time in this corner of the world. 


Personified as a character in an abrasive relationship that comes to an end, the song imagines what Los Angeles would be like as a lover with its mood-swings, dishonesty, charisma and mild drinking problem. In a town where there is no clear line that separates the authentic and the absurd, it is hard to tell if anything is real if it doesn’t hurt. 


Mixed by Robbie Moore of Impression Studios, Berlin (Florence + the Machine, Glen Matlock) and Mastered by Rupert Clervaux, London, the single will be released on 11/06/2021 with the EP released on 25/06/2021. The EP is self-released by The Flavians and distributed digitally by AWAL.


Forming in Berlin in 2017, the band is made up of Swedes Joakim Jägerhult (drums) and Liam Blomqvist (vocals & guitar), Czech, Anna Vaverková (vocals & keys) and Brit, Thomas Wills (vocals & bass). Drawing inspiration from the warm, nostalgic sounds of the Sixties and the frantic, hedonistic energy of Berlin, the band blends three distinct voices with psychedelic guitar textures, barroom piano and pounding drums to create surreal yet grounded, accessible, melodic and experimental songs.


Since their inception, the band has been packing out shows in their adoptive hometown of Berlin with subsequent headline and support tours of Germany with bands such as Catfish and the Bottlemen and Ten Tonnes.

The band also spent the Summer of 2019 with a run of dates at festivals such as Glastonbury and Reeperbahn Festival. In 2020, they independently released their debut album ‘Ordinary People in an Ordinary World’.

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