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Robot - 'Wedding Address' - 25.09.2020

Wedding Address, the follow up to 2017’s Vedgdbol is a more jagged jewel than it’s kaleidoscopic predecessor. A butterfly to a chrysalis and back again, this is pop music with metamorphic threads. This is Robbie Moore’s 3rd album as Robot - recorded at his Impression Recordings studio in Berlin, it is out on 25th September.

The bones of the album were initially written as a series of sketches using his ‘flow-writing’ method, a process devised to transform procrastination and crippling perfectionism into a state of childish adventure and naive creativity.

As with Vedgdbol, Moore then fed the sketches to a group of Berlin’s finest studio musicians: Knox Chandler (Psychedelic Furs, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Cyndi Lauper), bassist Taylor Savvy (Gonzales, Bonaparte), drummer Micha Fromme (Jesper Munk) and psychedelic beach dweller Andy Aquarius on harp.

After 4 days of tracking and endless nights of editing and spacial reconstruction, the result is a heady mix of spontaneity and obsession, fragile and introspective, but with an Emerald Dress up it’s sleeve. It is darker than the previous 2 albums - the naive wonder of 33.(3) has evolved into an existential crisis about which side his brain is on - while the hangover from one too many Bloody Marys at Vedgdbol’s garage lock-in has left him with a run in his mascara.

Opening track Left Hand Man lurches from sung verse to spoken word, the song’s hypnotic 5 chord dirge pulling us on to its bombed-out dancefloor and deep into a desperate trance. Horror is a claustrophobic identity-crisis wrapped up in an existential lullaby, and features Moore’s first ever saxophone solo on record.

Love Song sends a stormy maritime S.O.S, blowing smoke signals at sea before finally braving the waters and setting sail in his TNT powered meta motorboat. With backing vocals from Marla Hansen and Mynolia, the song serves as a spiritual sequel to Seasick from Vedgdbol.

After the fuzzy confusion of Side A, Side B lands with scores settled during the interval, Robot’s questions have been answered - Allergic to Love is gender-bending boogie at it’s finest - Goo, Wet Cigarette and Jasmine take his new look for a spin around the block, and finally Slow Moon Rock, sees his journey complete, the last gasp of his Wedding Address.

Limited edition 300 copies on white vinyl - available 25.09.20

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Album - 'Wedding Address'

Release date: 25.09.2020


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