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'Short Storeys'


23 y/o Swedish folk singer Nouel appreciates the simple joys in life. She believes a good song can be about anything and anyone. Even a stranger (or pizza).
“I want my music to sound like cozy mediocrity.”


In 2015, Nouel fell in love with the warm sound of the 60s and 70s and on her 18th birthday, she received her very first vinyl, ‘Songs of Leonard Cohen’, as a gift from her father. Nouel noticed how the main focus of these songs were always on the stories and poetry which later came to influence her own style of writing.

Other songwriting heroes include Elliott Smith, Aldous Harding and Simon and Garfunkel.
With her intimate Laura Marling-esque vocals complemented by a Sufjan Stevens- inspired guitar picking, Nouel choose to describe her sound as “sleepy folk”.


About "Short Stories"

‘‘Short Stories” is a concept album that Nouel started writing on as she was living and working at a coffee shop in Brighton, England. The album lifts up subjects of depression, idolization and the magic events of everyday life.

From unattainable "Lauren" to "Manic Pixie Dream Girls" and an "Iconic Pizza Night", Nouel has gathered ten real life-and made up stories in which she will tell you in a humorous, honest and casual way. "Short Stories" is meant as an open book to anyone wanting to get drift away for a while.

Nouel's debut album is recorded by Grammy winning producer/engineer Pete Smith (Sting, Van Morrison and more) and mixing and sound engineer Boe Larsen at Mill Factory, owned by Boe Larsen, in Copenhagen.

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