Me & the Monster


In Motion - 26.11.2021

After a comeback to the outside world with their last single ‘In Motion’, Me & the Monster decides to slow down the tempo to prepare the listeners for what’s about to come next.

‘Keep It Up’, the band’s most tender song until the moment, is a reflection of the serenity they held onto throughout the first lockdown back in 2020.

‘Keep It Up’ is fellowship; it’s a balance between the voices of Nico and Andrea perfectly blending together. It’s Niki shining from a new light, incorporating the mesmerizing sound of a bombo legüero. It’s the feeling of unity shimmering as a soft gaze of hope in the horizon.

Out on November 26th, ‘Keep It Up’ will show the listeners a new side of the monsters; one that will make them want to stay to see what’s next.

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Single #2 - Keep It Up

Part of album "Everything We Owe"


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