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In 2017, four musicians from different countries gathered in the concrete jungle of Berlin, and created Me & the Monster, an international band of Indie music.
Running barefoot through their youth, the four musicians had to fight their first battle: the cultural and linguistic differences that were interposed in the mutual understanding. But they finally found a common language: music.

Due to its international origin, Me & the Monster played with its various influences, which made the indigenous elements of South America fuse with electronic features and created what the band today describes as "progressive indie/electronic/tribal": a mixture of sticky melodies, flashy rhythms and challenging lyrics. Some of the bands that have influenced the monsters are Alt-J, Imagine Dragons, Novo Amor, Bon Iver and Woodkid.

The name of the band Me & the Monster describes modern man and his connection to the most original part of himself, the subconscious: his monster. The letters deal with issues of freedom and environmental and social awareness.

Me & the Monster - EP - Release date 31 January

“Me & the Monster” is the first EP of the band Me & the Monster.
Including lyrics that touch topics like the changes the choral reefs have suffered because of climate change, or the controversial political situation of the home towns of some of the band members, this five-piece EP summarizes who the monsters are and what they stand for.

The musicality of the songs of the EP combines powerful tribal drumming and soulful vocal performances, alongside ambient guitars and experimental synthesizer mixes, bringing a new taste of musical flavour.

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