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Album - Everything We Owe


Everything We Owe - 15.04.2022

The long adventure of the monsters finds its end on April 15th.

After a long two years of intermittent work due to a global pandemic, the monsters are happy to finally put out their most precious creation yet: the 12-piece LP titled ‘Everything We Owe’. 


This debut album is an analysis of the band to its fullest. It cherishes both their strongest and most energetic side, but also highlights their softest spots.

Mixing Latin American rhythms with pop-oriented melodies, aligned with Indie guitars and synths and a pinch of folkey acoustics, this long play captures the real monsters; and of course, topics that touch on social and environmental awareness couldn’t be missing throughout the lyrics of the album.

The album is also the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign that the monsters carried out in the beginning of 2021. They were lucky to be supported by a generous group of 152 people from all over the world.


Given the positive changing Covid-19 regulations in Berlin, the band prepares to surprise its guests on April 23rd with a memorable album release show at the House of Music.

About the Monsters


Based in the concrete jungle of Berlin since 2017, the monsters enjoy the days in this bipolar city writing and playing songs that mix opposite elements, including the worlds of José González and Aurora, resulting in a new wave of indie music.

Combining two very different vocal colours and elements that vary from Mumford & Sons to The XX and topping it up with tribal rhythmic elements, their music has become hard to categorize, making their live shows a unique experience for thirsty crowds.

After releasing their first EP in 2020, the monsters strike back in April 2022 with a debut album. The first three singles have been released during the end of 2021/beginning of 2022.

Live shows

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