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Farmin' - EP - 20 March

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Press contact

Anton Rangardt -

Lexodus’ aim: take the listener through a spectrum of emotions using the art of storytelling. Life is full of contradictions, nothing is just black and white, Lexodus wants to make people question their interactions with reality by immersing them inside of a universe, providing a sense of freedom and escape.

The band occupies the space between hip-hop, jazz, psych rock and pop. After experimenting with sounds on & off stage, opening shows for Columbine, Boys Noize & Too Many Zooz, collaborating with diverse artists and working in the studio with renowned producer Pete Smith (Sting, Stevie Wonder) Lexodus are ready to release a trilogy of EP's; FARMIN', FARMiiN' & FARM3N' followed by the surreal visual concept EP - Bruises.

Could you give a brief summary of the topics you talk about on FARMIN?'

Growing up and the struggle of finding somewhere to fit in. Not knowing yourself while attempting to cater to the expectations of masculinity. The journey of finding yourself through trying different habits, experiencing different relationships and getting in touch with fears, faith and feelings. Remembering the lessons learnt from retelling these stories, not all good, but understanding that the reason I am where I am is because of all the decisions that have been made before. Remembering at the end of the day to have fun, keep working on what you love and to enjoy life while still being a responsible human and care about how the choices I make can affect others.


The aim of the release is to disrupt the norm of the music scene by not being scared of expressing emotions through Hip Hop, with the goal to change not only this but to also use humour to tackle dark topics such as addiction, depression, abandonment, loneliness, misogyny and loss. Hopefully giving others the feeling it is okay to think about all of the above and talk about it too.

Are there any other topics covered on the release?

47 - The aim of 47 is to express our creative mantra. It revolves around topics such as; Listening to a life calling, enjoying the journey, finding balance between the heart and the head, faith and spirituality & disrupting the norm of the music scene by not being scared of individuality and change. The ultimate aim is to encourage this in others through our own personal growth.

Lost - Lost is the story of one night for some or many nights for others, where you have consumed too much and lost your friends. One aspect of growing up in Britain is binge drinking; ingrained in our culture and probably won't go anywhere. While studying, I did not consider it a ‘good night’ unless I was blackout drunk. This led to many 'situations' and didn’t change for a long time. Lost is a method of catharsis. It is important to raise this discussion so that people understand they’re not alone, we can all go through this and it is okay to talk about addiction.

Toast - “ Hip Hop has a history of lyrically boasting of your achievements, this track focuses on this. The idea is to emphasise ​‘We can do this if you like, but it’s not what we’re all about’ e​ specially if you compare it to the rest of the release ​”. This track is closing the EP and it is meant to encompass and emphasize the contrasts and contradictions that come with life and pursuing a career in music and creativity.

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