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The Romantidote

20191016 The Romantidote - elinejduijsen

Photo by: Eline J Duijsens

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The musical alter ego of Scottish singer-songwriter Calum Bolland, the Romantidote emerged into Berlin’s winter of 2018. A multi-faceted performer, the Romantidote at turns unearths the most intimate of personal anguish and brings guffaws with comedic works and routines. The beauty of the performance is in its unpredictability, with the audience riveted, or occasionally horrified, to see the direction in which the show will take. A fixture on the Berlin scene, having played with a number of established Berlin musicians, such as Lucas Laufen and Freddie Dickson, the Romantidote released a debut Christmas song in winter 2019 to some acclaim.

With influences including Bob Dylan, the Magnetic Fields and Flight of the Conchords, the Romantidote eludes traditional genre trappings. This mix of styles
works mainly due to the unmistakable imprint of Bolland’s writing, an authentic and natural voice prone to irony and self-effacement. His songs engage with grand themes of today’s debate: questions of moral agency, sexual liberation and the devastating decline of Morrisey on a human level. With a magnetic stage presence and sharp-tongued repartee with the crowd, the shows have been widely praised and the Romantidote has developed a loyal following.


Having recruited the invaluable insights of production genius Fabio Buemi, who has recorded musicians from Brockhampton to Billie Eilish, the Romantidote delved into the studio in winter 2019. The first collaboration, “(Have Yourself) A Very Maudlin Christmas!!” Was released in late 2019, with follow-up single “Here to Stay” scheduled for release on 7th May 2020. The subsequent summer will see the release of the “Berlin Lifeboat Experience”, an anti-Brexit tour de force based on the author’s time in the city. This is the culmination of three years spent in self- imposed exile from the increasingly deranged isle of his birth.

- Milo Tuck, Press Agent

The Romantidote is now booking for kids' birthday parties and bar mitzvahs.

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