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Ponte Pilas


Photo by: Anna-Lena Krause

Award winning indie-rock band Ponte Pilas have, since forming in 2017, established themselves as one of the most exciting groups in the city. Attracting large crowds with a distinctive chaotic live show, they have built a following throughout the city which awarded them with the 'People's Vote' for best band at Berlin Music Commission Award's in 2019. The band represent a throwback to the heyday of guitar-heavy, sweaty rock that is sure to wow fans of that genre and to convert the masses. 

    The group consists of Scottish frontman Calum Bolland and Ecuadorians Daniel Rivera (drums), Ismael Rivera (lead guitar) and Alejandro Iturralde (bass). The name Ponte Pilas (english: ‘put on your batteries’) originates from the slang equivalent of “snap out of it” in Ecuadorian Spanish and was chosen to reflect the bands international lineup and their energetic live shows. The band mix influences from Iggy Pop to Oasis, mixing both a contemporary and classic rock sound, while the live shows have drawn comparisons to the Hives.

    Ponte Pilas are already a fixture of the Berlin scene, having played around 50 shows in the city in legendary venues such as SO36, Musik & Frieden and SAGE Club. In May 2019, having released “Eye for an Eye”, the third in a trilogy of singles, the band hit the road and played a headline tour through Germany. In the last year they have also played dates abroad, in the Czech Republic and in the Netherland. This, as well as support tours for the Legendary Tigerman and indie legends The Wedding Present, spread the band’s gospel further afield.

    With a very simple philosophy, making each show unique and as passionate as possible and to recalling the legends of rock ’n’ roll’s past, Ponte Pilas wish to champion the music that they love. A band of brothers on and off the stage, their plan is to play as far and wide as possible. Awarded the 2019 ‘Listen to Berlin’ Public Prize by the Berlin Music Commission, along with a showcase at the Most Wanted Music festival, the band are garnering serious industry acclaim. Currently working on new material, the band will release a full E.P. in 2020.

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