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Anna Vaverková - 'Empty Phrases' - 05.06.2020


The indie synth-pop song “Empty Phrases” is being released on 05.06.2020 on all major streaming and download platforms worldwide, under the Berlin/Prague-based label Oddity Records and distributed via RecordJet. ‘Empty Phrases’ talks about pointless conversations of a teenage girl who likes to astonish people at parties. It is also about growing up, becoming an adult and realizing the depressing shallowness of these words. Those pointless conversations people have during nights out, parties, conversations you may have with people you even don’t want to talk to. It is about growing up and realizing that “Empty Phrases” are not enough for a socializing adult when these might have been enough for a party teenager, and realizing that alcohol shouldn’t be the magic tool for finding common topics and new friends.

The track was written by Anna Vaverková and co-produced by Jáchym Kovář, also appearing under his alias YASHA, mixed by Robert Kříž and mastered by Dano Kvak. The song release is accompanied by a quarantine self-made music video, which was created by Anna and the indie music duo JayRo.

Anna Vaverkova is a 22-year old musician from Prague, living and creating music in Berlin. At the basis of Anna's musicianship lays her classical music education, which has later on added up the influences of pop, singer- songwriter, electronic music and last but not least 60's inspired indie. Anna started as a piano-based singer-songwriter, playing her original music throughout cafés in Prague. Thanks to her voice and skills as a topliner, which has caught up the attention of several electronic music producers, she has appeared on records of electronic music genres such as DnB, house, trap and their subgenres. In 2019 Anna won the award of CZ&SK song of the year at CZ&SK DnB awards for her collaboration with Kutlo on the track “Up & Down”.

Apart from her solo career, Anna is also a member of an emerging indie band called The Flavians, which hit the stage of Glastonbury festival 2019.

Currently, Anna is working on her new singles to be released in 2020.
The magazine York Calling said about her debut solo track called No Time For a Love Song (2018) that, ‘her singing is delicate and wispy, like a cloud made of crystals. The whole thing is the perfect amount of minimalism’.

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